MiOrtho is focused on the orthopaedic industry.We supply modern orthopaedic implants and instruments for orthopaedic procedures.MiOrtho has a support of experienced manufacturers who utilize state of the art technology to produce high quality products. All our products are approved by CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards.

At MiOrtho our primary goal is to ensure that patients receive safe and reliable orthopaedic implants. Therefore quality is our top priority and we guarantee supply of highly reliable products, which large numbers of patients around the world have already profited from.Our secondary goal is to help healthcare professionals perform their jobs more efficiently while enhancing patient care.we supply innovative instruments that fulfill the special needs of surgeons. Many of these designs are built-to-order and can be altered per the surgeon's request.

MiOrtho strives to continue its quest for perfection.

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